What to Expect in your Cosmetics Job Interview

Beauty consultants, advisors, cosmetic surgeons… are you ready for the interview process?

You’ve got your qualifications, you know where you’re headed in terms of your career. You care about your future clients and all you need now is that golden job offer. When you’re contacted for an interview, the best thing is to make sure you prepare appropriately and to be aware of the sorts of questions you could get asked; which is the normal thing for any interview!

However, as with all job interviews, they’ll all be different, and questions will differ. You need to make sure that you are aware of what they will ask and how you can best answer these, to make sure they will hire you over anyone else.

Speaking about yourself.

This seems to be a common theme throughout interviews and one that people tend to find the most difficult. Being able to speak about yourself, the type of person you are and what your hobbies and interests are tell possible new employers a lot. They know the sort of people they want to hire, and a more interesting person will stand out a mile from the rest. Examples of things you’ve done or achieved are sure to grab bonus points.

Cosmetic experience.

Of course, experience is a big one. No one will hire anyone without experience, no matter what job is it! If you shout about what cosmetic experience you’ve already achieved, the sorts of jobs you’ve worked at before and the types of work you’ve carried out, the interviewer will be able to see whether your experience matches what’s necessary to thrive in the new environment. The willingness to be trained and gain more experience is something potential new employers like to see too.

The company.

Walking into a job just for the sake of it is not what an employer wants to see or experience for that matter. They want the people they interview to have done their research about a company and to ask questions about it to show their interest. Perhaps their company is the nation’s number one in doctor-led cosmetics, or they are the top company for cosmetic services or Botox in London. Speaking about the company’s achievements or asking about certain details can really impress an employer.

Your weaknesses.

No one is perfect. If you tell your employer that you have no weaknesses and everything about you is number one, they won’t believe you! Everyone has weaknesses, you just need to know the best way to overcome them, and most importantly, to learn from them. Think about something you wish you could improve about yourself and your cosmetic knowledge and prove that you want to learn more for yourself.

Cosmetic skills

Perhaps your employer asks to see some of your work or wants you to describe the types of jobs you’ve done for clients before. Maybe you’ve got certain qualifications that you’re proud of or that you think will really help you in your new job role. Mention them and how you think they will benefit the role.

Of course, there are so many different questions you could be asked in your interview, but if you know what you’re talking about and have the necessary skills and experience in place to thrive, then you should have no worries.